Do Bitcoins originate from Elon Musk?

An intern from Elon Musks company Space-X believes he has made his boss as the inventor of Bitcoins identified. He believes a tweet deliver in this regard notes. The digital currency is currently at a record high and still is not quite clear who has ever invented. First, the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor, the alleged inventor Craig Steven Wright from Australia revealed himself to be a half years ago. So completely clarified the matter is not yet. It will be exciting. So some people pay with Bitcoins to know exactly without ultimately who these currency has actually invented. Based on this scavenger hunt but can you even think about what money really is. During the normal money still at least consists of paper or metal, the deposit money, which is, for example, on the bench, just as figures on the analog or digital account expression exists. The digital Bitcoin thinks this idea further. Bitcoins exist only in virtual space, so the Internet. But what is the nature of money? There is a belief in reason. It is faith and confidence that the currency be it digital or analog, enjoying a certain equivalent. Most people believe the world that can be exchanged, for example, a few euros against a bread. So money works because you believe in its effect and trusts and because it is a scarce commodity. That is also the idea behind the Bitcoins from which you can generate more Bitcoins in very complex computer calculation methods, but only the energy and the time for computing, which is referred analogous to gold rush as “panning”, is consumed, is immense. Particular in that, in the Bitcoin by the scarcity of goods also generated artificially at best might still possess gold, other precious metals or gems else. There are not too much of it. So, are you a believer? If paying by cash, the answer is clearly yes.
More on the latest theory to Elon Musk and Bitcoin following link.
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