What should one think of the billion-dollar fine against Google?


The EU Commission has condemned Google to a fine of over 4 billion euros, because, yes, why? You hardly understand it as a citizen.

The reason is because Google releases a free operating system, namely Android, and there are some Google apps pre-installed, which can not be disabled individually. And because Android, Google’s free operating system, has become so prevalent, it will further cement Google’s market power.

Google’s response to the allegations is that there must be a minimum of apps to make good use of the free offer. In addition, every user can download any number of apps from the Google Play Store.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, pointed out that people are not forced to use Google’s apps, but they use them because they’re unbeatable.

Which he is right.

Although Google is now much more than a search engine, but the search engine is still a core business. How should you blame a corporation that provides a free operating system, for example, if it has pre-installed its search engine there as well? That’s absurd.

Imagine bringing a cake to a birthday party with colorful sprinkles on top, whipped cream, nuts inside and chocolate. And then somebody tells you that you have to deliver the cake, which you have brought for free and without charge, but please without the nuts, without the whipped cream and without the chocolate, so that everyone has the ingredients that he would like himself buy or can do it. Oh yes, and the sprinkles you should also omit. Because they should also be able to sell other providers and you pay for it. It is quite absurd.

If someone offers something for free, then you can accept that. Or reject. But you can not force them to do what you want and, most likely, do it for free.

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