Thoughts on the first Sunday of Advent

The John’s prologue is as follows. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. … It was in the world, and the world…

If a king comes into a shop

If a king comes in to a shop. Tells the store owner, good day, here you are a customer, not a king! Christmas. If the King of the universe comes into the world, says the World, hello, here you are not even a customer, but not welcome. If you are not careful, we nail you…

Send LARGE Christmas-Ecards !

Have you already sent Ecards for Christmas to your family and friends ? We have something special and large: Send large German Ecards from good old Europe! Here you find our > Christmas Cards and here > all our Ecards (some of them can be used for different events, also for Christmas). We wish you…

Little drummer boy

Come, they told me Pa ra pa pa pum A new born King to see Our finest gifts we bring To lay before the King So to honour Him When we come.

The Digital Story of Nativity (Video)

What, if Mary and Joseph would live today ? How would they communicate with each other, how could they find a hostel to stay, and who would be the persons to come for a visit to the stable in Betlehem ? Have a look at this video – the Christmas-story re-thought for today.

Christmas: God was one of us

Christmas: If God was one of us Sheryl Crow If God had a name What would it be? And would you call it to his face? If you were faced with him And all his glory What would you ask if you Had just one Question?

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ (VIDEO)

Long time ago in Bethlehem So the holy Bible say Mary’s Boy child, Jesus Christ Was Born on Christmas day Hark now hear the Angels sing A king was born to day And Man will live for evermore Because of Christmas day Mary’s Boy child, Jesus Christ Was Born on Christmas day

The Obstacles of Advent

Late last November my wife and I got all of our Christmas shopping done—in one day. This blitzkrieg approach has become a tradition for us. It’s like pulling a tooth; better to have the whole thing out at once. In the evening we treated ourselves to a victory dinner at a restaurant. While savoring my…

Jesus and the promise of Christmas

“When the Christian holiday dominates the culture, sometimes oppressively, a newspaper column may not seem the most appropriate venue for personal reflections on the meaning of Jesus. Yet even as Western civilization has been nourished by religious and philosophical traditions that have nothing to do with Jesus, it has also been profoundly influenced by the memory…

Advent and Christmas

Have a closer look to what christmas means. It’s not the Coca-Cola-Santa-Claus, whom we owe christmas. It was more something like a small child, that came from outside our imagination into this world with all its disharmony and questions. > more. picture: joshunter,

Searching for the Star of Bethlehem

“A new theory makes the news. But are 21st-century astronomers looking in the wrong place? – Using powerful computer software, an Australian astronomer says that he has re-created the night sky over Bethlehem in the year 2 B.C. and discovered a planetary conjunction that may have been the Star of Bethlehem that drew the Magi to worship the…

24 hours around the world – good pictures

You may ask your neighbour what happened today ? Well, he won’t be able to tell you. Not exactly at least. So if you are not surprised about that, you might recognize, that pictures sometimes say more than a thousand words. Lets have a try – watch > here. picture: dia,

Transparent Christmas Story

“As the sun gleaned off the hood of his metallic blue 2004 Toyota 4 Runner, Conner Bentley still wasn’t sure why he agreed to come back to White House, Tennessee, (his home town) for the Christmas Concert. The request to do the show was delivered in such a strange way, and his band ‘CB Radio’…

Who still believes in Santa Claus ??

Are you still searching for good e-cards for Christmas and Santa Claus ? With…  Wise Words for a Wild World ?  Wild Words for a Wise World ?  Wide Words for a Wild World ? Send a few of these cards to those, whom you want to becoma a friend, an enemy, or both of… advent….

We wish all readers of this website a peaceful and glad time from the 1. Advent until christmas (and beyond) ! Watch video > Christina Aguilera – Christmas Time  > Do they know it’s christmas  > Wonderful ChristmasTime – Paul McCartney  Advent (from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming”) is a season of the Christian church, the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration…