When winter comes

When winter sets in, he likes to do it with mud and snow. Where snow is actually the pleasant variant which makes the world look at once incredibly clean and wrapped in cotton wool. Sometimes, however, the winter offers other interesting possibilities, like here yesterday at the Olympic Park in Munich. The tower, which is…

10:05 knife attack in Munich

Apparently, a few minutes ago in Munich on Rosenheimerplatz a knife attack with multiple casualties took place. The app Katwarn reports following. City of Munich reports: Warning special case. Valid from 10.21.2017, 10:05. Warning: Police use at Rosenheimerplatz. Perpetrators injured several people with knives. Avoids the entire area around the Ostbahnhof! Perpetrator is currently flüchig….

On the Alp there’s no sin

Even if the scribed in the headline idea is perhaps not necessarily to prove it was yesterday one of the best ideas in the Munich area to go to a pasture at the brilliant weather, a mountain meadow with a farmed hut on it. Whether it therefore was there sin or not, there was at…

After decades, German Turks still feel like outsiders

As an anti-immigrant mood rises in the country, even second-generation German Turks say that years of trying to fit in have not paid off. Some are looking for opportunities in Turkey. (…) Reporting from Munich, Germany — Eleven years of trying to fit in have yet to pay off for Yazay Eminaga. He has learned…

Wiesn / Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Nothing theological today. Just a link to the world’s most famous beer-party, the “Wiesn” or “Oktoberfest”, which takes place a few miles away from here in Munich, Germany. If interested, have a look at the homepage (… but don’t get drunk too much by looking at it…): > more. picture: DMWyllie,flickr.com