Science and God

Translated automatically from German to English by google translator The following article addresses thoughts on scientific methods and understanding of reality. A fisherman has a net with a mesh width of 5 cm. As he has therefore never caught a fish that is less than 5cm, he gets the idea that there could be no … Continue reading Science and God


US Professor turn from Atheism to find more answers in Christianity

"Smart people don’t become Christians," she thought, according to Biola University. Her worldview, however, began to change at age 31. She recounts her journey from atheism to Christianity in the recently released Not God’s Type: A Rational Academic Finds a Radical Faith. "It is no light matter to meet God after having denied Him all … Continue reading US Professor turn from Atheism to find more answers in Christianity

What students really think about God

We want to find exactly out what kind of beliefs students bring to science lessons, and how teachers can deal with them. Alom Shaha recently raised the issue of how science teachers should respond to being asked questions about God that arise in science lessons. Shaha draws attention to an increasingly sensitive issue for teachers … Continue reading What students really think about God

God and Atoms

In ‘How to Know God’, Deepak Chopra claims that “(t)he same brain responses that enable you to see a tree as a tree, instead of as a ghostly swarm of buzzing atoms, also enable you to experience God” (Chopra 2000:17). - As I have suggested in previous postings, there are undoubtedly mechanisms within the neural labyrinths … Continue reading God and Atoms

Intelligent Evolution ?

Can we believe in a Creator and evolution? Arguing for God being the Creator of the universe doesn’t necessitate an attack on the theory of evolution. Don’t misunderstand me; some evolutionists (particularly some of the neo-atheists like Richard Dawkins, who argues in his new book people who don't believe in evolution are on the same … Continue reading Intelligent Evolution ?